The Greatest Pinball Machines

Get ready to feel nostalgic




Motion Design
Sound Design
Short Films

This is a small tribute to our all time favorite pinball machines: Twilight Zone (1993), Medieval Madness (1997), Tales of the Arabian Nights (1996), The Addams Family (1992), and Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (1993).

Every gamer has their origins, just like we, playfully mind-setted, have ours. Okay, we all know that we’re making digital out here, but let’s face it: no video game, no VR, no animation film would have ever been created without an analog referent to look upon. One of our most striking antecedents were the pinball machines, with those slimming, cracking, ringing sounds and such striking graphics… We could play with them for hours! So we decided to remember and honor these timeless, fascinating game boxes by doing them a small tribute-video.

Let’s play!

Technical approach

As a passion project, we focused on experimenting and trying out new formulas we liked. Thus, we developed a different color palette for every pinball game to give them all a singular personality and we also replicated the most iconic symbols related to each game to depict their recognizable identity. However, as we wanted to keep a harmonic coherence and achieve a fully integrated ensemble, we decided to unify the whole treat by the same synthetic, graphic style. 

Besides, this project was an opportunity to push our 2D motion-graphics skills, and bring the pinball ball’s physics to the next level. Acting as covers for each machine, we came up with illustration titles reminding 90’s led-displays to introduce each game. Not only we aimed to depict the famous pinball aesthetics but also approached its emblematic sounds doing intense research and trying to faithfully simulate them through our sound design.

 “Get ready to feel nostalgic”



Directed and Produced by



Eudald Salerich
Pol Solà

Lead Illustrator

Eudald Salarich

Display Illustration

Pol Solà
Eudald Salarich

Lead Animator

Aleskander Saharovsky

Additional Animation

Pol Solà
Eudald Salarich

Music & Sound Design

Raül Peix