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Dick Moby


Dick Moby




2D Animation
Motion Design
Social Media Campaign

We love this planet, particularly the watery bits. But we also love looking good. And we don’t see why anyone should choose between the two. Here’s a little song that more or less says that.

As the song says: “Save the world while you Instagram it”, that’s the whole point of it all! Acting sustainably and looking good are totally compatible. So, don’t get fooled! You can keep posting cute selfies on your social media while being respectful towards the environment. Dick Moby was born to save the ocean from plastic pollution and so they created the eco-friendly most fashionable glasses to achieve this aim.

The creatives Mr Henry and Mr Chris definitely knew that when they developed the idea for Dick Moby’s new online campaign, introducing the cool upstarting eyewear brand whose glasses are made out of recycled and biodegradable material. Having previously enlisted the Galician artist Berto Fojo’s surf-punk style illustrations, the creatives approached us to direct and produce this friendly musical story, conveying Dick Moby’s soul values.





Technical approach

Co-working in a close synergy along with Berto Fojo and the agency, we created this funny, careless audiovisual treat based on a Western-Country song written and sung by Mr Henry and Mr Chris. Merging cel animation with some 2D rigging, we made Fojo’s friendly characters sing and dance in this adult-naive world undersea, all conveyed through a humorous tone touched by a modern-trashy style.

Character Development

We felt thrilled to be part of this environmentally conscious campaign and make our own contribution towards a possible change we believe in for our planet. And it was also so fun to get to work on a music video campaign, quite rare yet very fresh!


Directed and Produced by



Dick Moby

Creative Directors

Mr Henry & Mr Chris


Pol Solà


Berto Fojo

Character Animation

Karol Szcezepankiewicz

Edit & Compositing

Pol Solà

Music & Sound Design

Mr Henry & Mr Chris