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My Favourite Music Memory: a Primavera Sound series


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2D Animation
Motion Design

Music has always had this inner magic: it brings memories from a very long time ago back to the present. Have you ever suddenly recalled an old memory right after hearing one specific song? That’s the nostalgic feeling that John Carpenter had when he listened to the classical concerto which his father played with the violin that night in the living room.

Primavera Sound created a series of episodes named “My Favourite Music Memory” to illustrate this sensorial experience, which included different stories from some incredible musicians who had played in the Festival. Among them, there was John Carpenter, James Rhodes, Interpol and Kiasmos. When Primavera Sound team approached us to create John Carpenter’s episode, we couldn’t feel more joyful! We didn’t only admire his music and films but also were completely moved by John Carpenter’s story. 

Look Development

“Try to remember one of your first vital experiences with music and let you evolve by John Carpenter’s story”

Technical approach

We conceive memory as a compilation of infinite fragments, hidden or visible, inside our heads, therefore we thought that the most accurate approach to graphically reach this idea was the Cubism art movement. Being highly influenced by its concept of multi-perspective, we wanted to build up a defragged yet unitary composition to suggest the memory’s nature. The Cubist tone also carried out a touch of old avant-garde which hinted at John Carpenter’s analog music style, and conveyed an unrealistic, dreamlike point of view, just as memories are. 

The animation was key to disclose our own reinterpretation of the artistic movement since it enabled us to actually portray those volumes that Cubism is visually representing through a static image. Thus, we used mainly 2D animation along with some 3D and cel, working by blocks through the animation of layers and even colours, in order to be faithful to the cubist style and give the story a coherent character and identity. Transitions were a really challenging element in this project considering that the actions needed to be literally unfolded from one to another, using original twists and unusual merging techniques.

Rough Animation

Memories, like a cubist painting, have plenty of faces that change every time you stare at them, depending on time, distance and mood, they show up differently in front of you. In the end, the viewer’s look is everything that matters, and for that, we are so glad and thankful to John Carpenter, who has watched our film and told us how much he enjoyed it.


Directed by


Commissioned by

Primavera Sound

Original Idea

Joan Pons

Campaign’s Creative Director & EP

Alex Julià


Ibran Trassierra
Pol Solà

Production Company

Igloo Films


Ibran Trassierra

Lead Illustrator

Ibran Trassierra


Ibran Trassierra
Pol Solà
Raül Peix

Lead Animator

Pol Solà

Cel Animation

Genís Rigol

3D Animation

Raül Peix

Edit & Compositing

Pol Solà


John Carpenter

Concerto Extract

Tor Aulin

Sound Design

Raül Peix