Aigües de Barcelona

A public bonus for more than three people homes


Aigües de Barcelona




2D Animation

Every family is different, just as every household is different. No matter who you live with, if you are more than three people at home, Aigües de Barcelona is willing to subsidize you 300 liters of water per day, you just need to apply for it. Easy peasy!

Tiempo DDBO asked us to create a whole advertising Campaign (online and offline) which conveyed the wide range of family types, showing its diversity but matching them all together at the same time. During the story, we keep observing multiple Barcelonian balconies showing plenty of different life situations until we end up going inside the last one’s home, introducing us a four-membered family that is enjoying Aigües de Barcelona’s bonus plan.

Gifs Animatic

Technical approach

We were entrusted to develop both the main TV commercial and the assorted pack of graphic elements which composed the Campaign, such as an informative triptych and some illustrations’ posters. Regarding illustration, we used a quite classic, realistic style for this project since it needed to be an adult animation that properly depicted the common daily reality. Nonetheless, we decided to give the composition a more minimal, stylized scent by using a slightly graphic finish on the shapes.

Aiming for achieving this graphic approach, we also got the color palette involved by using a single color stain throughout the whole film, even for the shadows. Besides, we chose blue and green as the principal color gamut of the film, alluding to water’s natural chromatic scale. 

Illustration development

As we wanted to display truthful and quotidian situations while keeping the graphic style, we used a lifelike 2D traditional animation framed into cinematographic-type shots which only portray the most basic, mandatory elements that are necessary to detect and recognize each scene. 


Directed by



Aigües de Barcelona


Tiempo DDBO


Ibran Trassierra
Eudald Salarich
Pol Solà

Production Company


Executive Producer

Sergi Roda


Eudald Salarich

Additional Illustration

Pol Solà


Pere Hernandez
Sebastian Garcia


Pol Solà

Sound Design

Raül Peix