New Brand ID

What is behind Device’s new corporate image

Adrià Chalaux from Collserola explains to us what’s behind Device’s new corporate image.

Device’s previous logo stuck out for its clear message of defiance against the established standards. So when developing the new corporate image, our aim was to maintain this aesthetic, allowing it to grow and develop as the studio evolves. The fundamental pillars of the redesign were to carry across the experience gained over 10 years and demonstrate the amalgamated learnings. While, of course, keeping in mind the playful touch of humor that has always characterized the studio.

Device’s previous logo

With just a glance, the previous Device logo immediately reveals that it’s been constructed using the formal technique of shrinking and stretching a typeface. This aesthetic process is the same as the one first described in the “Twelve basic principles of animation”, which was published by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in their 1930 book: The illusion of life: Disney Animation. This “squash and stretch” technique is considered one of the most important in the world of animation, as its purpose is to bring life to animated objects.

The relevance and compatibility of this principle and its consistency with the original logo made it the conceptual basis for the new project.

For this design, we used Variable fonts – a hot topic with designers since the Opentype release in 2016 – with the aim of finding new graphic inspirations and exploring a typographic idea that’s adaptable to every context and interaction. 

We used lower case letters, which help make the brand more approachable and playful. It’s a less corporate look with a peaceful, settled presence. This change has also offered more possibilities aesthetically, alongside elevated opportunities for play thanks to spirited elements such as the ascension of the letter “d” and the dot above the letter “i.”

Having reactive and flexible branding that’s able to adapt to different situations and interactions was again – with the squash & stretch principle – an evolution of the initial concept that’s always kept the brand moving forward. 

We were inspired to integrate the new logo into the interactive possibilities of the world’s tech devices and the future of digital communications. This led us to define situations in which the graphic system could be developed and explained in terms of two ideas: technology and animation. Modifications resulting from technical processes such as loaders, in-direct interactions or by scrolling through the website helped open the brand up to its own world. 

For this reason, we worked on a fluid narrative for the graphic system that takes a break from the classic static relationship that users expect from brands.

The initial look of the branding speaks to more corporate, professional values and implies a certain seriousness. But the second communicative layer came to be more playful and mischievous, defined by the principle of squash & stretch that’s been taken to the extreme in this case. This was also achieved in the graphic system which developed as a result, featuring the GT Alpina Condensed typeface (designed by Reto Moser and distributed by Grilli Type). This serif with very expressive shapes allows the spirit of the original brand to be kept at a constant, offering the graphic system a clear, communicative commitment in which seniority has pragmatically prevailed. 

All of these details nourish the rest of the brand elements in its multiple interactive approaches that reinforce the ideas behind the redesign: subtle color changes, components that become distorted, videos that appear unexpectedly or elements that respond to the user’s behavior. These are the final ingredients that offer a unique showcase for displaying the studio’s projects. 

The predominance of the simple graphic details that were used to create the first logo are what make up the basic pillars that take this to the next level. It’s an evolution that breaks the rules with a mature and intelligent humor focused on animation as a reference market, positioning the brand, always, one step ahead.