Animation Process

Animation is a beautiful universe with its own process and workflow. In order to make this understandable and smooth for everyone involved, here’s a quick look at all its different parts, explained step by step.

01. Briefing

Idea – Format – Timing – Budget

Time to sit down and have a chat, introduce the team of creatives and producers, and know more about you and your needs.

Whether it’s a rough idea, or final script, we’ll sign-off a brief, a timing, a budget and the number of reviews and feedbacks for every step.

02. Treatment

Vision – Direction – Narrative – Art Direction – Character Design – Location – Audio

Time to put our hands on it! We do our research, throw ideas and concepts, until our vision and approach is clear and ready to be presented in a call or a meeting.

We develop concept boards, animation tests, use references, sketches, mood boards… in order to explain our ideas in the easiest way and make sure we are all in the same page.

03. Style Frames

Art Direction – Character Development – Color palette – Texture – Finishing

Once we’re all aligned and the treatment is signed off, we design and illustrate key moments of the film to envision how it’s going to look like.  

Time to talk about everything related to visuals and art direction: style, character development, locations, backgrounds, elements, colours, shapes, and everything we can imagine.

04. Styleboard

Narrative – Structure – Transitions VO vs Visual match

In the storyboard, we split the whole movie into sketch-style scene blocks to explain exclusively how the visual narrative is going to represent and match the script.

05. Animatic

Narrative – Structure – Pace – Timing – Transitions – VO vs Visual match

The animatic is the very first rough film WIP. It’s main goal? Time. It’s the moment where we check that everything discussed in the storyboard fits well within our given time frame. To ensure that all the actions are clear, have the right pace and flow, and match perfectly with the voice over (either it’s the final one or a placeholder).

It’s not the time to worry about the visuals, or the animation, the important thing are structure, timing, pace and actions.

06. Animation

Animation Style – Animation Flow – Clean Up

It’s now time for animation. Yay! This is a time consuming process, so it’s crucial to get into this point with everything clear and signed off. Step backwards could mean to a timing and or budget review (and no one wants that!).The process will include several WIP previews, depending on timing and budget approved.

07. Audio

Music Edit – Sound Design – Final Mix

It’s important to have all the animation details signed off in order to work its sound FX and its relationship with music and VO.

We’ll have gone through music moods and choices during the Treatment, and once the animation is getting closer to its final stage, it’s the time to work the sound design, the final tweaks and amends of the music and the voice over.

08. Versions & Cutdowns

Cut Downs – Subtitles – Formats

And last but not least, once the main movie is 100% completed and approved, it’s the right to work the format versions (1:1, 9:16,…), language versions, subtitles and cutdowns.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for further information. 

We’ll be more than happy to help!