10 Years of Device

The best is yet to come!

Rooted in a life-long friendship, the studio’s more than 10 years of work has constantly evolved to create the current concept that you see today. 

Device was founded in 2011 by Eudald Salarich, Ibran Trassierra, Marcello Buselli, Pol Solà & Raül Peix. These best buds got together in 2008 to build a retail brand as a parallel initiative to their day jobs, aiming to establish their own creative space. But the brand didn’t go much further than some t-shirts plastered with their logo. Until, shortly after, they started to receive some commissioned audiovisual projects and art installations.

In 2011, after a few years of working together, they decided to leave their jobs and start their own studio: Device. 10 years later, Device is a global animation studio driven by storytelling and defined by an artistic multi-style approach that is complemented by world-class technical expertise. 

A passion for animation and the diverse voices of the founders resulted in a wide portfolio of different disciplines, moods and approaches. Which eventually led to the creation of two other studios. This journey has been made up of a combination of commercial work and passion projects that have helped the studio grow in a number of crucial ways. From the initial roots of Device that mixed the more commercial, academic design with an edgy, experimental street art side and a passion for the 8-bit universe that’s always been a part of the DNA have sprouted 3 distinct portfolios/studios.

From the point of view of the founders, this eclecticism has always been a positive point as it allows the studio to meet the needs of a range of clients. Plus, it’s useful to specialize and communicate in different styles so as not to leave any projects behind.

The clear boundaries of the separate studios have allowed Device to better demonstrate what they do, while accessing a larger quantity of high-profile projects at a national and international level for brands like Spotify, Adidas, and more.

Sister Companies

The studio is turning 10 with the incorporation of two sister companies, a gradual and organic evolution that very naturally divided up the brand’s portfolio.

But Device is the matrix where everything started. And at the beginning, the portfolio was composed of different projects from varied disciplines, moods, and styles. This was done to demonstrate the studio’s versatility – but in the eyes of the market it was a chaotic and confusing portfolio that didn’t instill trust in potential clients. And this created a perceptible clash in terms of specialization of the studio.

In 2018, Amigo Total was brought to the table. It represented a body of work that could focus on the digital narrative and aesthetic of the “internet language”. 

During that process, a third studio was born: All In Pixel was established in 2019.  The most specialized of the three sisters and without a doubt the easiest to define: an animation studio focused on the 8 bit culture and pixel art.

The three sides have always fed back into each other, creating the perfect balance for maintaining positive mental health within the world of advertising. Actually, the old Device logo even appropriated the yin yang sign to represent this equilibrium. And as the more experimental side of the studio has always helped to get it on certain radars, interesting project proposals are not hard to come by.

The decision to make them independent came from the need to treat each creative approach with the significance it deserves. The idea was to make them independent, give them a specific identity and let them find their own way – not just trail behind Device.

This year, Device is taking the opportunity to revisit the studio’s trajectory and celebrate with lots of great news. Updates and upgrades that came along the 10th anniversary

A Bigger Team

A New Studio

A Rebrand

“Device’s first logotype had a clear message of defiance against the established standards. When developing the new corporate image, our aim was to maintain this aesthetic, allowing it to grow and develop alongside the studio’s evolution. The fundamental pillars of the redesign were to carry across the experience gained over 10 years and demonstrate the amalgamated learnings. While, of course, keeping in mind the playful touch of humor that has always characterized the studio. When developing the branding, we decided to go for a #009b68 green bearing in mind the corporate colors of the three studios. We used lower case letters which helped to make the brand more approachable and playful. We went with a less corporate look with a serene and settled presence,” explains Adrià Chalaux from Collserola, the studio leading the design of the new website and corporate identity. 

For this special occasion, we’re looking back at 10 videos to recap the last decade:

1 · Destroy 

2011 – Device’s background is wide and wild but the influence of visual arts, street art, DIY, and destruction are a constant.

2 · We Are Device

2013 – There was a time when Device had two sides: the white and the black. Just like with the Yin and the Yang, these sides together made something bigger that helped maintain the equilibrium. Luckily, nowadays this balance is sustained by other means.

3 · Primavera Sound ’13

2013 – This was the first project that made a big impact and attracted a lot of visibility. Following this, the studio name started to be more widely recognized. 

4 · The first campaign for TV Spots

2014 – The first TV commercial campaign. 

5 · Primavera Sound ‘16

2015 – This was the PS that finally defined Device.

6 · Parties

Over the years, the team has done its best to have a great time without losing sight of the fact that, above all, Device is a crew of friends. 

7 · The Big Business of Refugees

2017 – One small contribution to the dialogue objecting to the refugee crisis.

8 · John Carpenter

2018 – John Carpenter’s testimonial for Primavera Sound.

9 · The Postcard

2019 – The first Staff Pick: back when the studio started producing short films.

10 · Richard Devine

2020 – After a lot of cel, back to enjoying motion more than ever. 

Device is all the awesome people who are part of the team!

And all the people that have been part of it:

Adrià Chalaux, Aimar Molero, Albert Oriol, Alex Saharofsky, Álvaro Monge, Ana Gale, Ana Moniz, Andreu Llos, Andreu Serra, Bet Roig-Serra, Borja Alegre, Carlo Candido-Todesco, Caspery Nyskopp, Catarina Alves, Clara Gagliardi, Daniel Benza, David Feliu, David Galar, David Pocull, Delfina Pérez Adán, Edu Altarriba, Edu Torres,Enric Sant, Erik Righetti, Eze Cruz, Eze Matteo, Facu Labo,Facundo Capece, Fernando Abaca, Florencia Atria, Gabriele Boggio, Gastón Pacheco, Genís Rigol, Georgina Guasch, Gerard Estalella, Gerard Mallandrich, Giorgio Gore, Guillermina Trejo, Iñigo Bartolomé, Isaac Claramunt, Javi Vaquero, Joaquín Urbina, Jonas David Fankhauser, Juan Buscarons, Julio Clavijo, Karen Weiss, Karol Szczepankiewicz, Lluís Velamazán, Luis Delgado, Luke Etcheverry, Marco Petrucci, Margarita Rojas, Maria Burgués, Marilena Vatseri, Matthew Dickinson, Meli Farina, Nati Giuliano, Nicole Woodman, Nil Ciuró, Pablo Schiavo, Pau Anglada, Pere Hernández, Peter Cobo, Pierre Leus, Rafa Andrade, Rafa Cezar, Sergi Roda, Silvia Reis, Sofía García, Sofía Robledo, Sonia Ramos, Tommaso Boccheni, Toni Sala, Victoria Trillo… 

The best is yet to come!

Device is growing to ensure that every experience it shares is more beautiful, balanced and sustainable than the last, always in favor of the studio’s best interests and dreams. 

The aim is to continue expanding and propelling the three studios to become independent benchmarks in their areas – all without losing the essence of what they are and the work that has gone into creating them. Constantly collaborating with new and better talent and always seeking out the next most challenging project so as not to remain complacent but rather push to reach each studio’s next level of reinvention.