We are a multi-style animation studio driven by storytelling

Defined by our artistic multi-style approach and a first-class technical ability, we seek the excellence in craft and narrative

Latest News

Agency Lana approached us to help create this year’s Guuk campaign: Parece Mentira. A popular Spanish expression for when something seems like it’s just too good to be true.

One more year, two more LAUS! We are super happy to have won 2 bronzes at La Nit Laus this year.

Animation is a beautiful universe with its own process and workflow. In order to make this understandable and smooth for everyone involved, here’s a quick look at all its different parts, explained step by step.

What is behind Device’s new corporate image? – by Adrià Chalaux from Collserola, the studio leading the design of the new website and corporate identity.

10 Years of Device – Celebrating 10 years of animation with a bigger team and a new studio, identity, website, reel, plus so much more on its way in the coming year.

FutureBrand asked us to direct this project to visually illustrate that making payments with Magnati is – to put it simply – magnetic.

Offf Moscow was such a blast! It was a great pleasure and a huge honor to participate amongst such an amazing lineup of speakers⁣. Big thanks to the Skillbox team for making our stay so incredible.⁣