We are a multi-style animation studio driven by storytelling

Defined by our artistic multi-style approach and a first-class technical ability, we seek the excellence in craft and narrative

Latest News

We’ve been awarded 6 Laus along with our sister companies Amigo Total and All In Pixel!

What is behind Device’s new corporate image? – by Adrià Chalaux from Collserola, the studio leading the design of the new website and corporate identity.

10 Years of Device – Celebrating 10 years of animation with a bigger team and a new studio, identity, website, reel, plus so much more on its way in the coming year.

Offf Moscow was such a blast! It was a great pleasure and a huge honor to participate amongst such an amazing lineup of speakers⁣. Big thanks to the Skillbox team for making our stay so incredible.⁣

Last year at this time we participated in the launching of Guuk, a year after, and with great results, we keep directing new content for the brand.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been recently adopted by the Nomint family! A Production Company with a presence in the US and UK. It’s such an honor and a great pleasure to be part of this roster and we hope to stay with them for a long time ❤️