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WHAT IS STRESS is the first video we made for Evermind, the new app developed by Alpha focused on reducing stress in professional teams using scientific-proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation.


Acting as the main character in the story, the white sphere introduces us to Evermind’s core concepts. Performing as the individual in society, our protagonist explains us the app’s main goal: overcoming stress by managing the factors which usually provoke it, the “stressors” (read: tight deadlines, excessive self-demand, traffic jams…). Travelling around a highly abstract universe, the white ball progressively collides with the “stressors”, identified with an anguishing curved-texture, the ones which block our protagonist’s movement and harm its inner balance. Depicting only synthetic shapes along with a colourful and warm graphic style, the story aims to symbolically convey the benefits that the Evermind app can bring to increase the wellbeing and success of any professional team.




Directed by





Eze Matteo

Music & Sound Design



Evermind Team

Jaco Stackhouse
David Bonas
Melissa Lang


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